Sunday, October 31, 2010


Nitisruti in Javanese:
Nguni-uni pra paramengkawi, kawileting ring reh pangawikan
Kang mikani ing kajaten, temah katrem katungkul
Kanikmaten kawruhing pati, dadya kadunyanira
Kawuri kalantur, awit datan ginraita
Marma mangkya karsaning pra sarjanadi, binudi mring widagda

Meaning of Nitisruti:
( Formerly the linguist, fascinated by the question of knowledge
To understand the true life, finally absorbed in his work
Learn about death, so that the problems of life
Being very overlooked, because they do not think
Now that desired by scholars, sought to be balanced )

In the second stanza of this message is about balance. Currently spiritual life is busy talking. There is a split between spirituality and worldly. Anything that mocks the thought of worldly not to think about spiritual. Niti Sruti advise that they should be balanced.
Do not think of spirituality continues ’Kanikmaten kawruhing pati’.

So what happens is the problems of life become very neglected 'dadya kadunyanira kawuri kalantur'.
Do not think about worldly continue so also neglected the spiritual.
Without worldly spirituality is lame, while the worldly without spirituality is blind. We try to think together that someone who wants something almost instantaneous, such as an instant success, rich in an instant, grabbed a career in an instant, are the ones who are not have spiritually strong. People like this are usually easy to despair, easily frustrated and would not rise again if there are barriers in his way
But people with a good spiritual life, they will understand that everything requires effort and time. And they will be more resilient in the face of obstacles and hurdles in their efforts.

The opener lock to be a perfect human being is to achieve a balance between the worldly and the spirituality 'Marma mangkya karsaning pre sarjanadi, binudi mring widagda'

Agung Webe
Book writer & recollectionist

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