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Nitisruti in Javanese:
Nguni-uni pra paramengkawi, kawileting ring reh pangawikan
Kang mikani ing kajaten, temah katrem katungkul
Kanikmaten kawruhing pati, dadya kadunyanira
Kawuri kalantur, awit datan ginraita
Marma mangkya karsaning pra sarjanadi, binudi mring widagda

Meaning of Nitisruti:
( Formerly the linguist, fascinated by the question of knowledge
To understand the true life, finally absorbed in his work
Learn about death, so that the problems of life
Being very overlooked, because they do not think
Now that desired by scholars, sought to be balanced )

In the second stanza of this message is about balance. Currently spiritual life is busy talking. There is a split between spirituality and worldly. Anything that mocks the thought of worldly not to think about spiritual. Niti Sruti advise that they should be balanced.
Do not think of spirituality continues ’Kanikmaten kawruhing pati’.

So what happens is the problems of life become very neglected 'dadya kadunyanira kawuri kalantur'.
Do not think about worldly continue so also neglected the spiritual.
Without worldly spirituality is lame, while the worldly without spirituality is blind. We try to think together that someone who wants something almost instantaneous, such as an instant success, rich in an instant, grabbed a career in an instant, are the ones who are not have spiritually strong. People like this are usually easy to despair, easily frustrated and would not rise again if there are barriers in his way
But people with a good spiritual life, they will understand that everything requires effort and time. And they will be more resilient in the face of obstacles and hurdles in their efforts.

The opener lock to be a perfect human being is to achieve a balance between the worldly and the spirituality 'Marma mangkya karsaning pre sarjanadi, binudi mring widagda'

Agung Webe
Book writer & recollectionist
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Friday, October 29, 2010

MBAH MARIJAN, the guardian of Mount Merapi


when I was several times go to the Kinah Rejo, we and friends are always a guest in the house mbah Marijan (1988), drinking and eating boiled noodles there. Indeed Kinah Rejo is the gateway for climbers who will rise to Merapi. And here they will meet with mbah Marijan who will advise what kind will be found on top later.

For information, that to get to the top of Merapi, has seven mountain slopes stopover or 'stage'.
The main door named Kinah Rejo, followed by a second stage called Srimanganti, then there is the third stage bermana missile, then the fourth stage bermana Kendit, then the fifth stage is called the Bridge of Sand, and the stage is the sixth named Geger Boyo, then the seventh stage called Puncak Garuda.

Each stage has a slope or the uniqueness of the philosophical or mystical meaning. But I did not write it here for now. I continue to write about mbah Marijan.

From past mbah Marijan always said to us, that he is a fool, but he was trusted by the Sultan HB IX as a 'guardian' of Merapi. The guardian here is not a person can arrange Merapi, nor one who can control the Merapi. the Guardian of Merapi, of context here with traditional ceremonies are always held by the palace of Yogyakarta at the Merapi volcano. And as a caretaker, mbah Marijan assigned to prepare everything if the palace ceremony will be held.

Name mbah Marijan known by the public, even across Indonesia since the activity of Merapi in 2006 and it was caused by news of the journalist who frankly overestimated the role mbah Marijan. Especially after Extra Joss mbah Marijan proposed to be a star on his ads, then the name mbah Marijan is increasingly recognized as the guardian of Mount Merapi.

For people who frequently visit the Kinah Rejo, he will be know very familiar figure. His figure is very humble, his figure that does not seek the influence, his figure that does not seek followers, ordinary human figure who delighted to be providing food and beverages for people who will climb to the peak of Merapi

Mbah Marijan are not magic, not the people who have supernatural power. He is a simple man with unwavering principles. He always holds the commitment of his life.

In the past we used to joke together mbah Marijan and asked, 'How living in the mountains like this?'
He replied, 'Urip matine mbah yo nang Kene Iki ( life and my death this here)'

Mbah Marijan not give a counceling anyone else, nor a spiritual advisor in Yogyakarta palace, so it never came out of his words about the solicitation, or the ideas of thought in the offer to be followed.

Part of the wider community outside the community of climbers who know figure mbah Marijan has 'directed' by the media, even the ingredients of a television broadcast which is concocting narrative at Merapi activity in 2006 made mbah Marijan transformed into a magical character in the story merapi.

Outside the news about it all, in the Java community there is the sense of 'happy' when can die in the land where he believes that it is spilled-blood. When we talk about belief, then it can not be said to be 'stubborn', or indeed, that the conviction must be stubborn?

At the time of the devastating earthquake in Yogya, and I was there at that time, my mother told me, "never mind I do not have to run. I live here. Live and dead I'm here"
I tried to understand the way the mother's mind, that it was not willful, but a sense of happiness about his faith.

Mbah Marijan was never instruc to anyone not to leave the Merapi. Conviction for himself. He never had an oration to remain silent and ignore the instructions of danger, so that people trust him and follow him. It had never done him.
When confidence is mbah Marijan for himself and the media do not expose it, then it will become as common as my mother above events. But when it is used as a commodity news to catch up 'rating' of a television, a perception can be directed.

When 'titi-wanci' had arrived, or the 'final frontier' of the lease where we arrived in this world, then none of any kind can obstruct it. And 'titi-wanci' that can come in any form, be it horrible or unpleasant events. It's all just a means only.

For people who are familiar with the movement of conscience, then he will be able to know when 'titi-wanci' had arrived, and with all the consequences of any case, he will be with sincere and welcoming 'titi-wanci' it.

Mbah Marijan ... congratulations to travel further. We all can learn about the meaning of a belief, which seems to often we speak, but we are still afraid to accept the consequences of it. Mbah Marijan has set an example to us, that belief is not something that can be traded, nor things to look for followers as much as possible.

If we were able to hear your voice then, the champion will probably say so, “wis wancine le, aku tak menyang ndisik” ("it's time my son, I go first")

Mbah Marijan in memorian
Agung Webe
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Rorojongrang story is a legend that the stories 'mystical' about the development of 1000 temples in one night. To the south of the temple area prambanan (where there are 1000 temples) there are areas Boko hill where the palace is located, is the kingdom where Rorojongrang residing.

This story is interesting, because modern people's questions are "Is there really a development of the temple in 1000 in one night?"
Who was the original name rorojongrang?
Who Prabu Boko?
And who Bondowoso?

This story is developing in Mataram dynasty and was created by a 'scientist' minds from Mataram, namely Ki Juru Mertani (which he also created the story of Nyi Roro Kidul to build a preposition for Panembahan Senopati)

Back to Rorojongrang,
In Javanese literature, there such thing as Tembung ANDHUPARA, namely the stories that believed happened but it never happened. Why some one create ANDHUPARA? Solely to cover the ugliness of history and convey important lessons that can be accepted at any century.
There are so many examples of this, some of which are: Ki Ageng Selo catch lightning, Jaka Tingkir beat crocodiles and drive it, Panembahan Senopati drink coconut water, which caused him to become king, wedding Panembahan Senopati with Nyi Roro Kidul, and much more.

We'll see the story of Rorojongrang from several angles, one of which was from the mataram 'scientist' of Ki Juru Mertani to explain the 'Law of Attractions' and dangers that happened

I will repeat the story of this legend so that we can know the storyline of Rorojongrang that circulating in the general:
In that era, there were two big palace, ie Pengging kingdoms and empires Boko. Pengging kingdom led by King Damar Maya who has a son named Bondowoso.
While the Boko kingdom led by a giant cruel that have beautiful daughter named Rorojongrang.

Pengging when conquered by Boko, Bondowoso as a crown prince not stay silent and managed to defeat King Boko. At the time Bondowoso wanted to take over the kingdom, he saw a very beautiful princess, that is Rorojongrang. Bondowoso melted his heart and wanted to make Rorojongrang as a wife. Rorojongrang refusing to be smooth, Bondowoso should be build 1000 temples in one night.

With its miracle, managed to build Bondowoso 999 shrines. Rorojongrang not want the job of Bondowoso was finished. He knows the weaknesses of Bondowoso is hustle and early morning. Rorojongrang then create an atmosphere as if the morning so that the strength Bondowoso missing.
Knowing the fraud Rorojongrang, Bondowoso became angry and cursed Rorojongrang be a temple at number 1000.

Now we see behind Tembung ANDHUPARA:
The legend of the power struggle of two great dynasty, the dynasty Syailendra and the dynasty Sanjaya that power in Central Java.

Prabu Boko is the metaphor of the king Samaratungga of the Syailendra dynasty. While Bondowoso is a metaphor of Rakai Pikatan of Sanjaya dynasty. And Rorojongrang itself is a metaphor of Pramodhawardani, the wife of Rakai Pikatan which is son of Samaratungga.
This is a family war, between father and father-in-law who finally ended the power of Syailendra dynasty (who built the Borobudur temple) and was replaced by Sanjaya dynasty.

Now we also see what would be submitted by Ki Juru Mertani:
Here are the 'triangle', ie Prabu Boko, Bondowoso, and Rorojongrang.
Prabu Boko symbolized PHYSICAL, Giant is a form of human.
Bondowoso who Symbolized the human MIND.
Rorojongrang who symbolized beauty is human DESIRE.

Prabu Boko defeated Bondowoso, it means MIND can overcome physical weakness, or to defeat PHYSICAL. But DESIRE unbridled can be defeat MIND (Bondowoso tricked by Rorojongrang)

At the time Bondowoso build 1000 temples in one night, that move is DESIRE. The presence of his weakness, ie the sounds and the rising sun symbolizes the FOCUS that should happen.
MIND can be realize DESIRE, with the strong FOCUS (law of attraction)

But strong FOCUS can kill DESIRE themselves, if the initial Intention from Mind is to meet DESIRE (Bondowoso initial intention is to marry Rorojongrang). Because the desire was deceptive, cunning, and can deceive MIND itself with creating various kinds of illusion of the mind

Go back to the NEEDS (ie the conquest of the kingdom Bondowoso Boko), rather than comply DESIRE (ie marry Rorojongrang who suddenly appeared at the time saw the first time)

Thus, what is to be submitted by a scientist of Mataram, Ki Juru Mertani is: Use the 'law of Attraction' to meet the NEEDS, not fulfill our DESIRE.

Agung Webe
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The Infinite Intellegence

The Infinite Intellegence

What is truth? Is it justification?
Where is the truth? There are at Soul or mind?
Where is the justification? There is in the soul or mind?

Part of people were satisfied with the analysis and the philosophy of truth and justification. Part of people feel that truth and justification belongs only way he'd ever passed. Some people really do not know what he is doing is the truth or justification.

At that time there was a meeting between the mystic and a philosopher. They both went and met with LOVE.
The philosopher then write falasah about LOVE. Any views about LOVE. Sentences and words that came out of the Philosopher really very beautiful. He was stringing sentences and words about LOVE.
The mystics did not say at all. He runs and dive into LOVE. Required by the mystics is the experience of LOVE, not a sentence or word of LOVE.

Until now, the offspring of the mystic and philosopher inhabits many parts of the earth. Facing a truth and justification, there is chose to deepening, but some are coined the term, the philosophy and meaning of it.
But we must realize, that whatever is expressed by a human being is an assumption! And the truth itself ultimately is an assumption.

Some do not agree when I say that our mind is an illusion. That is a legitimate and true from the assumption from that person. We all had assumed. Many people recognize in their training and would treat human beings are unique according to her potential. When each man has assumed a unique and diverse, he then created the illusion that truth only comes from one direction, the direction of the inventor of the training methods.

Why do I say illusion?
We now are the result of the assumption of our thoughts about ourselves in the past. Then we in the future is the result of the assumption of our thoughts about ourselves in the present.
When we can opened the veil of this illusion, then someone will be able to build a better future, more advanced, and more success.

Our minds can function as a receiving mode the truth. What we do is very simple, namely channeling. Or also can be a way close to or contact with persons having high vibration!
When a trainer has a high vibration, it can function as a source of energy. The existence he can lead the transformation of knowledge.

high vibration? Yes, someone who was connected with the infinite intelligence sources.
People like this get the knowledge from within itself. So when he asked, 'where the source of knowledge you get?'
Most people like it will be hard to give an answer, because if he reveals the truth, not everyone will be able to understand that he could get anything without his knowledge learned outside.

Where is the source of infinite intelligence?
The key point is the combination of knowledge contained in human DNA. The combination of letters A, T, C, G, which combine as many as 3 billion in each cell is the source of knowledge of life in this universe ...

Congratulations to access the infinite intelligence of this!
Agung Webe
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